MCS Decision Results in Additional Need for Volunteer Aides in Schools

Jul 30, 2010

An article published last month in The Commercial Appeal announced the decision of local school district officials to replace 779 part-time teacher assistants currently employed in Memphis City Schools (MCS) with “345 full-time classroom assistants.”  One hundred and twenty of those classroom assistants will be hired as full-time “educational interventionists” strictly for grades K-3; their goal will be “to get children at grade level by the time they reach third grade.” The CA’s Jane Roberts, explained how this major decision has resulted in “the lay-off of nearly 300 part-time teacher assistants” this spring.

While this will mean a step in the right direction as schools strive to focus on raising the level of students’ academic achievement, the lay-off of so many teachers’ assistants will be a definite loss to MCS schools. To fill the void, MCS leaders are calling on volunteers to take on the responsibility of former teaching assistants. These volunteers will be essential to providing extra help to teachers in the classrooms and in the school hallways, allowing teachers to focus more of their attention on the task of educating.

During this challenging time of adjustment, our city schools will require, more than ever, our immediate and whole-hearted support.  The need for volunteers at our adopted school, Berclair Elementary, will increase as personal assistance will be necessary not only for students, but also for teachers. With another school year coming quickly upon us, we ask you to remain vigilant in the ministry of prayer for the teachers, students and leaders of our city schools and to prayerfully consider serving in our schools. 

Our city schools are a mission field, and it is our responsibility to reverse the growing needs that pervade our schools through our willingness to step forward in faith and serve in the hope of Christ’s transforming Gospel. For more information about how you can serve, contact Kim Blankenship at or 454-0034.