Members Can Leverage Charitable Giving Toward 2PC Ministries

Sep 22, 2010

Sally Pace, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at FTN Financial, shares how she and her husband, Ashley, Senior Vice President at Regions Insurance Group, are able to grow their yearly giving by designating a portion of their United Way pledge to support the Second Presbyterian Church Foundation.

sally & ashley pace“Our city is filled with opportunity, and with every opportunity is a chance for service. The nonprofit world in Memphis is so vibrant and proactive in working to meet these opportunities that choosing where to cast your financial support can be complicated.

Add to that the recent influx around the nonprofit world centered on the expectation of partnerships, and it becomes an enormous puzzle in which many of us must piece together our fiscal support and time.

These factors are what make the Second Presbyterian Church Foundation so great—a multitude of needs are able to be met under one umbrella. That is also how the United Way of the Mid-South is comprised.

So as our family evaluated our opportunities for giving this year, we aimed to make the most impact possible. As an employee whose company encourages charitable giving, I was able to make a donation to the Second Presbyterian Church Foundation as a portion of my pledge to the United Way Campaign.

As a bonus, because my employer offered a matching contribution to the United Way of the Midsouth, I knew that while I was directing part of my gift, the many worthwhile agencies making up the United Way would also gain from my decision.

We have a heart for Memphis, and are overwhelmed with admiration when we see how many worthwhile causes there are. It has become part of our personal mission of giving to seek out and support the organizations that do the most good for the most effective nonprofits in town.

Pairing our gift to the Second Presbyterian Church Foundation with our pledge to the United Way was a win-win situation that helped us fulfill our objective. Now, we can rest assured knowing that two stalwart entities are using our investment in the wisest ways possible.”

If your employer participates in annual giving campaigns, please consider the SPC Foundation as a recipient of your pledge. For more information, contact Vicki Simmons in the Foundation Office at 454-0034, ext. 193.