MissionUSA Takes on New Organizational Structure

Aug 06, 2010

For the last eight years the committee, responsible for the oversight of all local and national outreach efforts of Second, has been identified as the “MissionUSA Committee.” After discussions with the church staff and with the Session Steering Committee, a decision has been made to assign responsibility for the local and national outreach efforts to two separate committees, which will be referred to as the “Mission Memphis Committee” and the “National Outreach Committee.”

This division of responsibilities and using the name “Mission Memphis” enables us to affirm and communicate more accurately our focus on local missional efforts which has historically been where most of our funds and energies have been directed.

The National Outreach Committee will be responsible for our church’s ministry efforts beyond the immediate Memphis area with a targeted focus on (i)colleges, seminaries and campus based ministries and (ii) church planting efforts.

Ben Scott will serve as the Chairperson for the Mission Memphis Committee, and Mason Kauffman as the Chairperson for the National Outreach Committee. MissionUSA will continue to be used to identify collectively our local and national ministry efforts.

Beginning this week with Su Casa Family Ministries/Esperanza and for the following two Fridays, we plan to update you on three of Mission Memphis’ key initiatives. Read below for an update on Su Casa, and check back next week for news about Berclair Elementary, our adopted school.

Su Casa Family Ministries and Esperanza

Su Casa Family Ministries, an extension of our ministry at Berclair Elementary School, is our outreach to Hispanic families living in the Berclair community. This spring we completed our second full year of sponsoring English as a Second Language (ESL) classes which meet at Berclair Baptist Church. This spring we had over 140 Hispanic adults regularly attending classes which met 4 times each week. About 60 children are involved in our children’s ministry. These sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and evenings each week. In addition to ESL classes, several men in our church have formed a Boy Scout troop which meets at the Berclair facility. 

Both the ESL classes and the Boy Scout troop have been means for significant relationships to develop between volunteers and Hispanic participants. Volunteers are needed this fall as teachers in our ESL program and as helpers in the children’s program. It is not necessary to speak Spanish.

Ricardo Green came to Memphis in January of 2009 to lead our Hispanic church plant initiative. He is significantly involved in all of the Su Casa ministry efforts and has become increasingly involved in the lives of many Hispanic families in Berclair. In February of this year, he began Sunday morning worship services at Berclair Baptist church. The church has adopted the name “Comunidad Cristiana Esperanza.” Approximately 30 Hispanic adults and 10 children have been regularly attending worship services. Ricardo also hosts a men’s group which meets monthly and leads 3 weekly home Bible studies.