Second in the City Feature: MGM

Oct 02, 2017

For many people, football is a way of life. At Memphis Gridiron Ministries (MGM), football is a vehicle for teaching life lessons.

Established in early 2013 by a group of men in Memphis, led by 2PC member Wade West, MGM coaches football for boys 8-11 years old in the Binghampton community. From its inception, MGM has operated under a unique mission.

“We are not a win-at-all-costs football program,” says Wade. "First and foremost, we want these boys to develop a love for God and humble reliance on Him, and we want them to have a thirst for knowing Him personally. If they can come away from our program as young men who filter everything they think, feel, and do through the love of Christ then we’ve been successful.”

Currently MGM has 50-60 participants, and, over the years, has served more than 100 individuals. One way the ministry is able to sustain and extend its efforts is through the help of many volunteers, including 2PC member Josh Baker.

“This is a ministry in which you get to have a lot of fun,” says Josh. “At times it can feel frustrating but if you keep the perspective that first we’re a ministry that, second, plays football, then I think it allows you to really experience joy in participating.”

For anyone considering volunteering with MGM, Josh has a few words of advice:

“You shouldn’t overthink it,” he says. “The world will always give you a reason to push back on these types of opportunities, but it’s really not that difficult to commit to a couple of hours a week. Give it some thought and then just act.”

All are invited to watch the MGM Bulldogs take on the PDS Crusaders on October 14 at 10:15am! If you’d like to volunteer with MGM, please email Amy Williams.