Volunteer Opportunities with Ministries Serving Refugees and Immigrants

Aug 11, 2017

Su Casa Family Ministries 
Phone: (901) 320-9833 Website: www.sucasamemphis.org

  • ESL Teacher/Substitute Teacher & and Childcare workers (urgent need) - morning and evening sessions. Volunteer Training - August 22nd at 9:15-11:15am or 6-8pm (mandatory!) Not required to speak Spanish.
  • Substitute Teachers and Assistants in Esperanza Early Childhood Center program

For further information: Contact Emily Noblett at

Esperanza Church 

  • Attending bi-lingual worship service starting at 11:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of each month

For further information: Contact the 2PC Mission Memphis office (901-371-1953)

Refugee Empowerment Program
Phone: (901) 725-3103  Website: www.repmemphis.org

  • After-School Tutoring youth in Pre-K – 12th grades and Teachers and Helpers for ESL programs

For further information: Contact Cam Echols at

Multi National Ministries
Phone: (901) 725-3138; Website: www.multinationalministries.org

  • Evening reading program for refugee/immigrant elementary children; and afternoon homework help sessions and Bible study for children; English help for moms.

For further information: Contact Laurie Graves at


World Relief 
Phone: (901) 341-0225; Website: https://worldreliefmemphis.org

  • Attend a monthly Training /Information session to learn about being a part of a “Good Neighbor Team” that welcomes refugees and assist with their assimilation. The next training session is Tuesday, September 5, 6:30-8:30pm at the World Relief office

For further information: Contact Christi Jenczyk at

If you would like to be a part of a 2PC network supporting our ministry to Hispanic children and families and to receive information about special ministry efforts or special needs, please email hispanicoutreach@2pc.org