Why We Give

We give because God has first given to us. As we reflect on the beautiful truths of the Gospel, we respond to God's unmerited grace with joyful giving to express our gratitude and love for Christ and His sacrifice for us. Generosity comes from a thankful heart that acknowledges the overflow of blessings that we have received.

Why DO Christians Give?

Ways to Give

Cash or Check

You can drop your gift into the offering plate during any of our worship services.

Make checks out to Second Presbyterian Church 

Online Giving

Give a one time or recurring gift by checking account or debit/credit card. 

Watch a video about how to give online. 

Text Giving

Now you can give directly from your mobile device. Text an amount and the keyword GIVE to (901) 410-9500 to give to the General Fund or text the keyword MORE to the same number for more information.


Give Online

Giving FAQ

Q: Where does my gift go?
A: When you give, you have the option of three different funds, the General Fund, which goes towards the operating budget of 2PC, the World Missions offering, which goes to support our missionaries and mission partners around the world (find out more here), and Deeply Rooted, which is our capital campaign for the maintenance and improvement of our campus.

Q: What is with the fees?!

A: Processing payments  has always had fees involved. Anytime you pay online or by credit card at a store or restaurant or anywhere, the payment processors and credit card companies take a fee or percentage. While we gladly pay the fees for the added convenience and security online giving offers our donors, our new giving platform gives donors an opportunity to choose to increase their donation to cover these fees associated with processing their gift.

In short, the processing fee is not new, it is just visible for the first time and it is by no means required for you to pay it.

Q: What is my username and password?

A: If you previously had a recurring gift or if you logged in to register for an event, it will be the email address and password you used then. If you are still not sure, when you get to the giving page you still have three options: 

  1. Click "Forgot your Password?" at the bottom of the login page to have your password reset.
  2. Click"Log in with Phone Number" to have a code sent to you by text
  3. Click "Sign Up" and create an account, once you enter your gift, we will be able to match you to your existing record in the database.

Q: What if I missed the deadline to update my recurring gift?
A: You can still update your recurring gift by clicking here clicking "Stop recurring Giving" at the bottom of the screen, and then using the Give Online button above to re-establish your scheduled gift.

Q: How do I get my statement and see my giving history and manage my account?
A: Click the Give Online button above and login. Once there, you will see "Your Account" at the top right of the screen. On that menu are the options to manage your account.