None Like Him

Series: The Westminster Shorter Catechism
March 17, 2019
Psalms 86:1-17
George Robertson

None Like Him

Psalm 86

Sermon Recap


I. Faithful

Each petition David makes arises from a promise God has made in his Word. God…answers the poor and needy; guards the devoted; has mercy; gives joy; and hears his people who call on him.


II. Sovereign 

David is encouraged to pray boldly because he knows the God he serves is sovereign.


III. Merciful

David has so understood the mercy of God toward him that even the threat of death cannot shake his heart from its desire to respond appropriately to it. 


Discussion Questions

  1. How does knowing God’s promises embolden you to pray for specific needs or desires you have? How does knowing God is faithful to his promises encourage you to pray?
  2. How does God’s sovereignty embolden you to pray? How does God’s sovereignty give you comfort when you pray during times of desperation?
  3. Every person is deserving of God’s wrath because of sin but God withholds his wrath and extends mercy to those who believe. How does knowing this make you confident that God cares for you when you pray to him?


Going Deeper

  1. Do you regularly pray? If not, is there any particular reason why you don’t? How do these attributes of God encourage you to pray regularly?
  2. What needs or desires do you currently have? What promises from scripture can you claim as you bring them before God in prayer?

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