Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Series: Exodus: Out of My Bondage, Into Thy Freedom
May 5, 2019
Exodus 3:16-4:9
George Robertson

Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Exodus 3:16-4:9 | Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions


Because God, in his infinite humility, assures us of his promises through the means of grace, we must commit ourselves to experiencing those means of grace, primarily in corporate worship.


I. Promise (15-20)

God has made the same promises to us that he made to Moses.

A. Repetition Proves Faithfulness (15-17): 

In his kindness God ensured that every word he spoke was written down so his people would always know what he promised. Not only did he write down everything he said, but he ensured that every time a promise was fulfilled, the original promise was repeated word-for-word.

B. Unbelievers Will Believe (18): 

The first promise God provides is that he will make believers of the people to whom he sends Moses. God calls us only to announce his good news. It is not our responsibility to make people believe.

C. Enemies Will Becomes Friends (21-22):

This is an unexpected reversal of hostility. These Egyptians who were formerly willing to kill Israelite children are now showering them with gifts! Through this, God shows his justice, demonstrating that he will ultimately make up for every wrong suffered.

D. The Evil Will Remain Evil (19-20):

The fact that Pharaoh remained hardened to God reminds us that no one will come to faith without Christ’s sovereign intervention.


II. Fulfillment (1-9)

God gives many incredible promises to us, but due to our lack of faith and circumstances in our lives, it can be difficult to believe in those promises. Of all people, God should be able to say, “take my word for it.” However, he not only gives us his word, he graciously bears with us in our unbelief and gives us proof. 

A. Brings the Dead to Life (1-5): 

Not only did the miracle of turning Moses’ staff into a snake demonstrate God’s ability to make alive something that was dead, it immediately showcased his sovereignty over Egypt, which imagined its supreme God as a cobra.

B. Cleanses the Unclean (6-7):  

By inducing leprosy on Moses’ hand and then healing it, God showed his power to cleanse the unclean.

C. Destroys Evil (8-9):

Turning water to blood and not reversing it displays God’s ultimate purpose to destroy evil once and for all.


Discussion Questions

  1. In what ways does corporate worship help assure you of God’s promises? (Look through the bulletin from this past week to help answer this)
  2. Are you sometimes tempted to treat corporate worship as a legalistic duty rather than a means by which God gives you grace? If so, how? 
  3. Are there any steps you need to take to be more committed to attending corporate worship? 
  4. Reflect on experiences you may have had where God assured you of his promises. How did he assure you?

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