Way Out

Series: Exodus: Out of My Bondage, Into Thy Freedom
March 1, 2020
Exodus 13:14-16
George Robertson
Because Jesus is getting us out of bondage, we must constantly lead our followers to him as the only way out.

I. By Words
We must lead our followers by retelling the same message that has saved us.

Knowing: As the Lord had instructed in reference to the Passover, this ceremony for redeeming the firstborn was to be used as a catechizing aid for children. A firstborn child would inevitably ask what was going on, and when he did the parent was to explain (presumably in the hearing of the whole family) that this had been done for him.

Being: When we tells others about Jesus, we are not telling them how they can clean up their lives or trying to persuade them that we have exemplary lives to follow. We are simply repeating the same good news that we were saved by ourselves.

Doing: Perhaps the most important job of each member of our church is to pass the gospel on to the next generation. In what ways (whether you have children or not) can you retell the good news to the next generation of worshippers at 2PC?

II. By Relationship
We must believe we are loved because God has redeemed us.

Knowing: The firstborn son of a family represented the whole family’s identity, security and future. He was the father’s future hope of carrying on the family name. He was the mother’s future security if her husband predeceased her. He was the protective guardian of his sister’s and the executor of their future inheritance. God’s ultimate purpose in crafting traditions around a father passing blessings on to many through a redeemed firstborn son was to demonstrate objectively the best news of all. As both Lamb and Son, the Second Person of the Godhead provides eternal blessings of salvation to all the elect. This is the representative principle God wove into his creation.

Being: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, out of their love for each other, decided before history to share their loving relationship with us. The Father so loved us, he sent his Son. The Son so loved us he laid his life down for us. And the Spirit so loves us he leads us out of bondage to sin, death and the devil.

Doing: Showing our children, friends and loved ones the way out will mean staying in the boat with them during their periods of rebellion and incarnating the pursuing love of our Shepherd. Can you think of particular circumstances where you can remain with someone to demonstrate Christ’s love to them, even when they may not show you love or respect in return? How does the gospel enable you to do this?

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