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Neighborhood Christian Centers

In 1968, JoeAnn Ballard and her husband, Monroe Ballard Sr., began a full-time ministry focused on providing housing and care for children and their parents. This initiative was developed to address the needs for family and stability in underserved areas in Memphis. Their grassroots efforts were successful and, in 1978, the Neighborhood Christian Centers was officially established. Today, NCC operates 13 place-based site locations across the city of Memphis, serving 40 ZIP codes, touching 30,000 people a year, and providing emergent and long-term support to neighbors in need through a gospel-centric, relational approach.

Get involved

  • Provide youth literacy support
  • Pack food boxes or snack kits
  • Gently-used clothing and furniture items for Clothes Closets and Furniture Warehouse

785 Jackson Ave
Memphis, TN 38107

(901) 881-6013

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