John and Dawn

Regional Ministry Directors

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for a thousand heads of families to come to faith. We have been praying for this for years and God is answering. Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists have all come to Christ since we started in that prayer.

  • Pray specially for a man I will call Derek, who is from an Islamic minority people in Southeast Asia. He has recently come to faith, been baptized, and is excited about Jesus. He has participated with the translation project where they’re sending Bible stories back to family and friends within their minority people group, and family and friends are getting excited about the word of God. Pray that God’s word will not return void to Him.

  • The Covid realities are very real in our region primarily because the nations there are responding in strength by closing borders, making it difficult to get visas, etc. Roughly 50% of our people are not able to get back in as they would desire to and yet God is on the move, and many things are happening. Interestingly, many are coming to Christ as new and creative ministries are established amidst these challenges. Praise the Lord!

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