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Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions

I. Servitude to Sin (6)

God offers us rescue from servitude to sin.

A. Liberation: 

God has mercy for his image-bearers and will always move against oppressive powers that dehumanize those who bear his image.

B. Redemption: 

Jesus came to earth to become our kinsman-redeemer.

II. Freedom through Service (7-8)

Your past bondage to sin does not disqualify you from serving in God’s kingdom.

A. Adoption: 

God adopts us into his family and fully identifies with us as our Father.

B. Possession: 

God liberates and redeems us so we can live in an infinitely better country.


Discussion Questions

  1. Why does God rescue his people from servitude to sin?
  2. What does it mean that Jesus is our kinsman-redeemer? In what way has he now made us kinsman-redeemers as well?
  3. What does it mean to be adopted into God’s family?