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Matthew 6:9-15 | Connect with God's People
Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions

The Lord’s Prayer implies an organic, a directional, and a relational connection between God’s people.

I. Organic (v. 9)
As God’s people, we are not simply a collection of individuals; we are a connected body of believers. We must relate to one another based on the righteous character of God.

II. Directional (vv. 10-11, 13)
Although everyone in the body of believers comes from different places, we are all headed in the same direction - God’s kingdom. On this journey, God provides everything we need, even if only enough for that day.

III. Relational (vv. 12-15)
Our objective relationship with God never changes, in Christ. However, if we are living in sin, it does change the subjective experience of our relationship with God. This also true of our relationship with others. As those who have been forgiven much, we must be those who forgive much by extending forgiveness to others.

Discussion Questions

1. In what ways has Jesus connected himself to us? How can you live as part of the body of believers?

2. How is Jesus proof of God’s provision for us? How can you practically trust God to provide for a specific need in your life?

3. How has God forgiven you your sins in Christ? How can you extend forgiveness to someone in your own life to begin repairing a relationship?