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God Created All Things
Genesis 1:1-2:3 | Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions

If God is not your Creator, Christ is not your Redeemer. Genesis 1 shows us that God is the creator and redeemer of all things. Therefore, we have hope. 


I. Ex Nihilo (1:1, 2)

Literally, “out of nothing,” God created all things. He did not work with material; he spoke and it came to be. Furthermore, he created Adam and Eve unique, meaning they did not evolve from some other type of species. In all this, God demonstrates in his creative work that it was all very good, and although our world is now broken by sin, he is taking us and creation back to that original form through his redemptive work.


II. Extravagant (1:3-31) 

This passage also shows us that God did not create all things in a utilitarian kind of way. He created varieties. He first “created” things and then “crafted” them to create beauty. He has retained this beauty even in a fallen world to give us hope for the redemption he is working. 


III. Enjoyable (1:4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31)

After each creative work, God intentionally writes in his word that “it was good.” Imitating God in our work involves working joyfully, believing that God is going to restore all things to their original goodness whether we live to see it in this life or not.


Discussion Questions

  1. Which point about the hope creation gives us resonated with you the most?
  2. Are there any ways you are tempted to lose hope due to the prevalence of sin in the world?
  3. How does this original creative design provide you a direction for the redemptive work God calls you to do?