Parish School Partnerships

Last fall, 2PC began to partner with ARISE2Read to serve four elementary schools in Memphis, from nearby parishes. 

Through one-to-one connections with students, Arise2Read seeks to improve literacy skills, provide faith-based support, and work together to make our community a better place. Volunteers can commit to weekly coaching two 2nd grade students for 30 minutes each (1 hour) utilizing a simple sight word approach. We are so excited to serve our neighbors and the city in this way!

Our Strategy

To create ownership for specific schools based on strategic groupings of our parishes (see chart below).

How to Sign Up:

Weekly tutoring begins the week of September 25.

  1. Email Randi at, and let her know that you are interesting in volunteering. 

  2. Complete a background check (must be renewed each year).
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  3. Find your school and begin to pray for the students and faculty. After your training is complete, you will be contacted about your school’s times.
Parish School Liason/Coach

Alcy Elementary

Logan Tyree, Liaison

Highland, Belle Meade/Village, Normal Station, Audubon, Laurelwood


Hanley School

Katie West, Liaison,

Molly Witherington, Coach


Parkway/Graham, Graham/Waring, Waring/Mendenhall, Richland

Berclair Elementary

Betsy Brown, Liaison

East, Shelby Farms, Germantown, Kirby Woods, Sea Isle, White Station

Sea Isle Elementary

Damon Conley, Liaison,

Coach Needed

Other 2PC launch team members: Jim Witherington, Chair; Sam Shaw, MSCS Consultant; Jay Cofield, Berclair Open House Event

Why Schools?

Gaining education is not the singular factor in personal success, but an education is a critical requirement in our culture and a key factor for success in life. Literacy is core to a quality education, and early intervention with children at risk is the most effective solution to developing higher proficiency levels in reading. Research has demonstrated clearly that the single greatest program variable in academic success is a long-term relationship with a caring adult. 

Consider some of the following statistics associated with literacy:

  • Research reveals that children living in poverty who read proficiently by the end of the third grade have an 89% graduation rate.
  • 39% of Memphis children live in poverty and are, on average, three grade levels behind their more affluent peers in reading.
  • 66% of students not reading on grade level by 4th grade will likely be incarcerated or need welfare.
  • 61% of students in low-income families have no books in the home.
  • Learn more about Arise2Read's mission.


Contact Randi Meyer at or (901) 454-0034.