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Sole God, Sole Devotion | Deuteronomy 6:1-5
Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions


I. Sole God

It is vitally important that we believe in the one true God. False gods have no life in them and therefore, they can give no life to us. In fact, they only bring disappointment and death.


II. Sole Devotion

If God is the only true source of life, then it follows that we would give our sole devotion to him. In fact, he tells us in his word that when we devote ourselves solely to him, we never have to worry about having what we need (Mt. 6:33).


Discussion Questions

  1. Read Isaiah 44:12-19. What does this striking picture tell us about the nature of any gods we try to create?
  2. Brandon Terry said that worship is a position of the heart…and while we may judge Old Testament Christians for their unsophisticated idols, we really have only created more sophisticated idols that bring no more life than a the block of wood they worshipped. What does this tell you about the nature of idolatry?
  3. How does the promise from Matthew 6:33 encourage you to devote yourself to God without reserve?


Going Deeper

  1. What false gods might be competing for your devotion?
  2. Is there anything you fear losing by solely devoting yourself to God?