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The Tears of Judgment | Luke 19:39-44
Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions


When we realize that even when prophesying judgment Jesus is speaking to us out of love, it is utter foolishness not to believe.

I. The Foolishness of Unbelief

Jesus’ words of judgment in this passage are a plea to unbelievers to repent.

A. Asks for Judgement (39-40): 

The leaders who tell Jesus to rebuke the disciples for praising him are unknowingly asking for their own judgment, because they are trying to stop sovereignly ordained praise. 

B. Ignores Coming (44b): 

Another indication of the foolishness of unbelief is revealed in the conscious rejection of God's revelation. God revealed himself to us in the flesh in Jesus. 

II. The Passion of God

The realization of coming judgement must move us to the same passion that we behold in Christ who wept over his city.

A. For Righteousness (43-44a): 

Jesus weeps, in part, because the citizens of his city have tried to make a mockery of his Father’s righteousness.

B. For People (41-42): 

That which makes Christ's judgment against unbelief so passionate is the fact that the rebellious sin against his love. That love is recognized to be the more amazing when we realize that he still reaches out in love to these who reject him.


Discussion Questions

  1. How does Jesus’ life and death demonstrate that everything that he commands us is for our good? How might this change any misconceptions you have that his commands are a hindrance to your joy rather than his desire for you to experience true joy?
  2. Do you find yourself broken over the unrighteousness you see in your city or in people’s lives around you? If not, are there times that you might be judging others instead?
  3. How does the gospel free you from being judgmental and enable you to become compassionate?


Going Deeper

  1. Even if you are a Christian, how does the reality of coming judgment show the need to align your life with God’s commands rather than ignore God’s Word when it causes you inconvenience or doesn’t fit your preference?
  2. In view of the coming judgement how does Christ’s passion for those who are lost not only make you grateful for your own salvation but also show you the need to share Christ with those who do not yet believe?