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Discussion Questions

  1. We talked about God's anger toward the people of Judah and Israel (Isaiah 1:16-17, 2:6, 3:14-15), and we said that He was angry with us. Why would God be angry with you, particularly?
  2. We talked about "how" God turned away His anger, but we didn’t talk about why. So, why? Why would God turn away His anger toward His people then and His people now? Why would He turn His anger from you in order to comfort you (v. 1)?
  3. We talked about the reality that there are people in this world who do not know the song of Christ's salvation (v. 2). We also noted the reason it is important that Jesus is our song — because He is the only song of salvation. When is the last time you shared this song with anyone? Who around you does not know the song of Jesus Christ, the King? How can you share it with them?